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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Time to face up to a challenge "Time Queen" named thanks to Jack

A few weeks ago a friend Bowlingbelle, Viv, invited me to join her Flickr group Art & Soul over on Yahoo. The challenge this month has been set by Viv herself and it was to make an cotton reel doll. Well being fairly new to altered art I was going to give this one a miss, however, yesterday I decided what the hell and would give it a go.

It felt like being back at primary school playing with empty toilet rolls and gluing and sticking.

She hasn't got a name yet, so if anyone has any suggestions but here is what I came up with....no laughing!

I had to use ribbon reels instead of a cotton reel so hope it's okay.

Thanks for looking


  1. Morning Sarah,hope your well....this looks fab, just can't think of a name for her at all....am usually good at that sort of thing...but nothing springs to mind as of yet...lol...have a good day.xx

  2. You've done a lot better job than i would have, very art nouveau !!, thanks for the award, Luv Sam x

  3. no laughing here--this is an incredible altered art piece!

  4. This is a fun piece, but whatatever are you going to do with it? I'm not trying to be mean or anything, it's just that the main thing keeping me from trying fun things like this is the idea that I will have to do something with it after it's done.

    I love the way you've used photo turns for clock hands.

  5. This is gorgeous and great fun especially the clock face!

  6. Beautiful. As for what are you going to do with well, nothing, lol. It's ART! And it's fabulous. You could call her the Time Queen. xx


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