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Friday, 23 March 2012

Trip to Ikea

I finally got a trip to Ikea yesterday! Needed some drawers for the baby stuff and was running out of places to look so Hubby said we'd go for a look at Ikea. Although it's not far away, it means motorway (which I don't do lol) and is on a nighmare retail park. We reckoned the last time we went was when we got our first dining room table 15 years ago!

Anyway mission accomplished, found some drawers and I also got some of the rails I've been longing for seen on other people's blogs for craft storage. Got some nifty spice jars too. Wish I'd known we were going and I could have planned better what to buy, as it's not the best place to go with impatient Husbands.

After lots of debating where to put them and clearing space Hubby kindly set to with the drill and put them up for me. Took me until 1am this morning to get straight!

I did get more of the pink tubs intending to put my pens in, but because I've so many they wouldn't all fit. Luckily I bought the plastic hooks and my existing bathroom tubs had holes in to accomodate them!


  1. Your craft room looks fabulous Sarah...and great storage too hun :o)

    have a super weekend....big hugs Vicky :o)

  2. sarah,it looks fabulous,x

  3. Hi Sarah, Oh it all looks fabulous, what a great room.xx

  4. Craft room looks perfect do you want to organise mine everything is such a mess. Alison xxx

  5. WOW! What an awsome space! I am so green right now LOL


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